Esta semana estamos celebrando Scimanities 2019. Qué mejor que dejar que sean nuestros alumnos quienes la comenten. Lo hace aquí Miguel Prado Jiménez, de 3º de ESO. Esta es su visión de Murillo’s Science Week. Y bajo su crónica, una galería con más de 40 fotografías y el programa completo de Scimanities 2019 en nuestro instituto.

In our high school , IES Murillo, we have a week in the year that is dedicated to different topics. This year the topic is about travelling and the Works that the students have made are amazing.

There are different stands were the students show their work to the public. The intention of this week it’s to enjoy learning.

I did an interview to some students that were visiting the stands asking them about what were their favourite Works and because of it’s the first day of the exposition I’m going to explain you the two most liked proyects

in this stand they first explain you about the life of Eratosthenes a great mathematic and then you have to do a little quiz about what they had told you. If you have all the answers correct you will have an special reward!

Travelling woman
At this exciting post you have to suffle all the cards and place them face dwon.
You have to turn one card there will be hints that will make you easier to find it’s pair.Then you have to compite with your partner to try to win. Although is a competition you spent time together and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

By Miguel Prado Jiménez